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A tour to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

This sanctuary is situated along the way to Murchison falls national park in Nakasongola district. This rhino sanctuary is the basis of restoration of rhino population in Uganda. Rhinos were completely extinct in Uganda by the end of 1982 after a decade of poaching and civil conflicts that prevailed in Uganda by then.

The sanctuary gives shelter to these species for breeding and regeneration, and provides protection against poachers by an electrical fence and security personnel.

Visitors to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary are accepted to track these animals and see them closely on foot. These rhinos are not dangerous if instructions from the rangers are well followed. You will get company and guidance from a sanctuary ranger who knows about the behaviors of these giant creatures. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a 3 hour drive from Kampala, nearly a half stop on the way to Murchison Falls national park.

The sanctuary has 350 bird species and provides room for good birding opportunities to those interested. Bird species you can watch in the sanctuary include the White rested Turaco, pre-historic looking Shoebill Stork, the Giant Kingfisher and the speckled breasted Woodpecker.

Also you can take a nature walk, there is a possibility of spending the day hiking in the jungle of the sanctuary and the nearby wetland. You can get a chance to see other animals like the grey Duiker, Oribi, bushbuck, waterbuck, reedbuck, black and white Colobus, vervet monkeys, hartebeest, ground squirrels plus various reptiles like snakes and large monitor lizards and some very interesting butterflies and insects.

For overnight trips, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has best options for affordable accommodation services, with both high end facilities, budget and camping options.

While here, you will have an overnight stay, sleep and eat at the luxurious Amuka Safari lodge or stay at the Ziwa camp site, a budget friendly way to stay here.

When making a tour to Uganda don’t forget to add Ziwa Rhino sanctuary on your itinerary and on your list of places to visit before you continue to other destinations. Your visit will not only be fun and a worthwhile adventure, but also a better way of contributing to a worthy cause to support conservation of the endangered Rhinos in Uganda.



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