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From a cattle Ranch, to a Sanctuary and a home of 27 white Rhinos in the Uganda rhino safaris.  Under the effort of Rhino fund Uganda’s executive director and her team, Captain Roy who provided land and Uganda wild life authority enforcing security, Uganda welcomed 2019 as a fruitful year with 2 new born baby rhinos one mothered by Nandi and another by her daughter Malaika in a period of 4 month.

This brings it to a total number of 27 rhinos in sanctuary and 2 in the Zoo. It is believed that when they reach a number of 35 to 40, some of them will be transferred to other parks like Murchison falls or Lake Mburo national park as their new breeding zones. The 72 sqkm land fenced with a double electric system won’t be able to accommodate them all. However, this might increase the risk of poaching in their will be new homes.

Facts about Rhinos.

Phylum: Chordata

Family name: Rhinocerotidae

Classification: Mammal

IUCN status: Black, Javan and Sumatran rhino: Critically endangered. White rhino: Near threatened. Indian rhino: Vulnerable.

Lifespan (in wild):

Weight: 500kg -2,500kg

Body length: 2.5m-4m long

Top speed:55km/hour

Diet: HerbivoreHabitat: grassy plains, rainforests and swamps.

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