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Sipi Falls, Uganda – A Spot for Abseiling adventure and beautiful scenery.

If you are looking for impressive waterfalls, then you’ve got to start with Sipi falls in Uganda, the destination is popular for the plunging falls, abseiling adventure and beautiful sights.

Yes, Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa with so many wonders that continuously attract more travelers hopping into the country for wildlife, culture, scenery and adventure.

Most safaris in Uganda lead visitors to the elusive gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park or wildlife in Kidepo valley national park, but Uganda purely offers more than that.

Besides being the prime destination for gorilla trekking in Africa, sheltering Africa’s biggest fresh water lake; Lake Victoria, Uganda is a hub to the most stunning waterfalls hidden in the country’s corners furnishing the most peaceful escapes.

Located at the edge of Mount Elgon national park in Kapchorwa district, eastern Uganda, Sipi falls are one of the various waterfalls that the pearl of Africa possesses. It is a series of three waterfalls which one can choose to hike in a day or two depending on the fitness.

Hiking to the top of the falls can be challenging especially in the hot seasons, so hikers are always advised to go with enough water. Moving up the steep slopes covered with fairly thick lush is an experience of its own on any Uganda safari. However, endeavor to put on proper shoes that will ease the hikes.

Sipi falls present spectacular sights of awe-inspiring beauty of a small stream running down from an amazingly impossible height, making it a must visit for any traveler undertaking an adventure safari in Uganda. The deafening power of the water falling at Sipi is something all travelers should experience firsthand and appreciate it.

A tour to Sipi falls is notably a peaceful escape, the sights and sounds of the clean falling water are very soothing. An ancient environment with fresh air coming down from the mountain is filled with gardens portraying the love for the land that gardeners have. Walk through the huge fields of crops and coffee plantations, and note that the irrigation system here is something to see. The place is indeed a beautiful retreat for life time experiential tours in Uganda.

Several road trips to the East and North Eastern Uganda consider Sipi falls as a stopover destination as it is very easy to get to, taking about 4 to 5 hours of traveling from Kampala.

Travelers heading for a hike to the top of Sipi falls should not forget to come along with sunglasses, a cap or hat, rain jackets, drinking water, camera with enough batteries and light clothes in the back pack. Note that the hike does not take specified times, it depends on the fitness and vigor of the hikers, one could spend one hour to the top, and the other three hours.

For hiking lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Sipi falls is a prime destination for adventure in Uganda. The beauty of the falls is something never heard about, it’s hard to explain the wonder of the falling water down a rock outcrop. No other waterfall in Uganda matches this.


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