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Touring various national parks and mountain tops presents great opportunities for travelers to appreciate the glory of the Mother Nature’s creation. You get to see wonders that the world keeps in its most secret places. Just to sum it down, traveling can never cease to amaze.

It is true that Uganda is divinely filled with a wave of breathtaking features that no visitor is left with another option but to get lost in the stunning beauty of the country. Talk of the Rwenzori ranges, Lake Victoria with its archipelago of 84 islands, the Nile River with countless rapids and waterfalls, several national parks suffocated with vast flora and fauna, Uganda is undoubtedly the pearl of Africa.

Having traveled to Uganda for gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park or perhaps wildlife safari in Kidepo valley national park, or a cultural safari, whatever the cause it was, Mountain Elgon national park gives you the best reason for another safari in Uganda.

Covering about a total land area of 1,145 square meters, Mount Elgon national park is positioned close to Mbale town in eastern Uganda. It was named after its most outstanding natural feature; Mountain Elgon, an extinct volcano that last erupted about 24 years ago. This volcano is believed to have the largest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world and this is its flagship.

A Uganda tour heading to Mount Elgon national park never disappoints. Even if it is apparently less considered and less popular like other parks, it still offers great opportunities of viewing amazing montane landscape, flora and thrilling activities that form memorable experiences on an adventure hiking safari in Uganda.

The lower slopes of the mountain are costumed with tropical montane forest with extensive stands of Bamboo. Higher altitudes are diverse habitats of plenty of flora and fauna and the cool heights are favorable settlements for humans.

What to do in Mount Elgon National park.

Magical Hiking experience. Trekking to the top of the caldera is one of the most treasured activity in Mount Elgon national park. It is the best alternative to hiking Rwenzori mountain in Uganda or Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania for hikers that don’t want very hectic treks

It offers a milder climate with a lower elevation at much more affordable price. The hike rewards trekkers with a caldera at the top of Wagagai peak, Elgon’s highest peak, which is also the second highest peak in Uganda.

Bird watching. The park presents excellent birding opportunities especially around Kapkwai Forest Exploration Centre. Several bird species reside here including the African Goshawk; Chubb’s Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia and African Blue Flycatcher among others. For any bird lover on a road trip to EasternUganda, Mountain Elgon national park would be a great spot.

Cultural encounters in Mount Elgon national park. Majorly surrounded by the Bagisu / Bamasaba people and the Sabiny, the park offers great cultural encounter of the people of Mbale, Sironko, and Kapchorwa and beyond. Their major economic activity is Arabic coffee growing.

Come and see where your favorite coffee comes from and also perceive the world through the eyes of these local people. A taste of the local cuisine is a guarantee, except to visitors that don’t wish.

Day hikes or nature walks. Enjoy the cool Che-bonet falls, Kapkwai cave and the beautiful scenery and stunning views of the Sipi falls as you walk through the expeditious forest exploration center trail loop site. This is the perfect escape from all the city noise and urban chaos to closely venture into nature on foot.

Wildlife viewing in Mount Elgon national park. Don’t expect a game drive in this park as it is filled with mount-Elgon-national-park-primatesrugged landscape, so vehicle passages are hard to construct, and still to keep the authenticity of the park. However walking safaris are very available here, a walk that will expose you to various animals in the park ranging from buffaloes, Forest elephants, Oribis, duikers, squirrels, spotted hyenas and a few primates.

Accommodation in Mount Elgon National park.

About lodging, the park is well supplied with hotels, lodges, cottages as well as campsites. No traveler can miss out on where to spend a night, have lunch or dinner, whether on budget, luxury or midrange option, the park simply has something for everyone.

For those nature enthusiasts, the lower and upper slopes of this volcano are perfect spots for camping; while midrange and luxurious lodges can be found in the nearby towns of Mbale, Kapchorwa and around Sipi area.

So if ever thought of an African safari, and that which is directed to Uganda, mountain Elgon national park gives you the best reason for your next safari vacation. Come and explore what most travelers have not discovered.



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